Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meet Franzl, the Bavarian Bear

Every year around Christmas time, my company supports the "Toys for Tots" drive. It is a national organization, but the donations directly go to the surrounding community. Everyone at work is encouraged to participate by either donating new toys or donating money (if they do not have the time to shop), and one of the co-workers then goes on a spending spree at Toys R Us with the donations. Usually local volunteers, like the volunteer fire department, will then come pick up all the donated toys with a big truck and we have a huge send-off.

To kick off all this excitement, my company hosts a "Dress a Bear" competition. Anyone who wants to participate can pick up a bear, dress him up with either store-bought clothing or self-made means, bring him back, and then display him. The dressed bears are then put up for a vote, and best bear wins the creator bragging rights.

Like every year, I picked up a bear -- except forgot that I was going to be out of town for a business trip. So my delinquent bear snuck in for a group pose with the rest of the bears a week after the competition. No one taddle, so it's ok. And Mr. Bear will make one child happy -- which is all that matters :)

I'd like to introduce my Mr. Bear as actually Franzl from Bavaria. And like any good Bavarian citizen, he sports a cute pair of home-made lederhosen and a matching "Schlapphut" (floppy hat). Since Franzl is sensitive to animal rights (being a bear and all), he's wearing faux leather!

[Toys for Tots] Franzl, the Bavarian

Actually all the sewing credit goes to my co-worker who did this bear with me (teams are allowed). I gave creative direction and she did the grunt work. If it wasn't for her and her awesome sewing machine, he would have still been a naked little bear right now, since I knit and crochet about 1/100th of the speed she sews. So if you like what Franzl is wearing and have always dreamed of owning your own designer faux lederhosen, just leave us a comment.

Just kiddin'

But I hope you enjoyed meeting Franzl. And I hope he will bring big smiles to one special little boy or little girl this Christmas season.


Belinda said...

Super cute! :)

rlo said...

Hey Belinda ! thanks :) Franzl thinks he's cute too.

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