Thursday, January 27, 2011

[Music Saves My Soul] Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Come What May

I'm chilling in my hotel (yes - on another business trip ;) and managed to avoid a snow storm that came down without mercy back home. That's two outta two. Wonder how many more times I will get lucky ;) But do pray that the weather is clear and beautiful tomorrow so that I can fly home!

I had this brilliant idea to go sort out my guest room (aka craft room) last weekend. I have been meaning to adjust and move around specific pieces of furniture to better my setup. So I woke up last Saturday determined to do so! Before anyone could blink, my crafty supplies were pushed into boxes which in turn have been stuffed into a closet. The good news is that the furniture is all where I want to have it! But most of you may know how these project turns out - behind schedule, bit off a lil too much. 

So, there you have it: my confessional for why there has been a lack of blog content...

At least I can share some music in the mean time. Since February is a month commonly associated with "love," I thought a song selection from one of my favorite romance movies was perfect! The "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack pretty much was on permanent loop in my dorm room for a few weeks through. Thankfully my then-roommate was just in love with the whole movie & music.


Janna said...

Buh :( Kann ich schon wieder nicht abspielen *schnief* Paß gut auf Dich auf, hier friert es mittlerweile auch wieder ... LG Janna :D

Dana said...

You packed up all your crafty stuff??? OH NO!
Bring it back out!

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