Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crocheted Flowers

I used to think crocheting was for old ladies. My mom used to crochet these little lacey things to put under our lamps at home and I felt they were so "yesteryear"! Apparently no one ever told me you could crochet flowers!

After seeing them on various blogs, I finally buckled down and decided to learn how myself. A few unsuccessful attempts of watching various you tube videos and a crash session with Ren-Yi for a weekend, I made flowers! Aren't they so pretty!

(Disclaimer: The light pink and light blue ones on the right, aka the non-lopsided ones, are crocheted by Ren-Yi)

Next on the list, to have Ren-Yi teach me to make a butterfly! Or maybe I should outsource that one to the person with the id of flutterby.... ;-)

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