Saturday, September 26, 2009

Run a 5k in 1.5 weeks...?

Who knew we had invisible readership? A dear friend from Germany wrote me an email asking if everything was ok, since I haven't posted since June. It's nice that there was such a concerned email (Yes, shame, shame on me!) so I'd like to apologize for being so unreliable. So much of my goal for posting once a week... So here is what's new:
  • I have switched from a PC to a Mac. Thank goodness for smb protocol, or else I would still be sitting here trying to transfer all my things from my two other PCs onto my lil, shiny, new Macbook Pro. (Yes, I'm writing this post from my Mac ;)
  • Went traveling within the US and outside of the US to see friends get wed.
  • Friends from afar came to visit and I got to hang out and see them (and stuff myself silly with them!)
  • Went to see Dragonboat Racing and saw Sherry paddle with the Golden Dragons. It was fun to cheer them on and hang out at their race tent. Thank you, Golden Dragons, and see you next year!
  • Had myself some girl time with Sherry and got to bake Banana Bread.
  • Watched way too many movies, including "Cloudy...With a Chance of Meatballs" and "Julie and Julia." Word of warning: don't go see those movies unless you have eaten, unless you want those hunger pangs and growly stomach in the middle of the movie.
  • Welcomed my new, sweet neighbors (with food of course ;)
  • Starting a lunch project (more later)
  • Been training like a crazy chick for the Susan G Komen Race
Susan G Komen's "Race for the Cure" was a last minute decision. Last Monday I realized that I haven't ran a 5k yet, although it was one of my goals since the beginning of the year (tsk, tsk on me!). So I looked up 5k runs in the area and found many up until November. Although there are many good causes, the cause I really wanted to run is for breast cancer. One reason is that I have family that survived breast cancer. Another reason is that I use to run this race in Pittbsburgh with Pudgeykins and I've been supporting this cause for years now.

The only catch? It is in exactly one week from now. And after my test run Thursday, I discovered to my dismay that I can't even run a mile right now. So wish me luck! I'm hoping to run the 5k in a reasonable time (and not be dead-last).

So I registered on Friday and have decided to raise $100 (suggested donations). I figured I can find 10 supportive friends that will donate $10 each, or 20 supportive friends that can throw in $5? And if I exceed, I'd be super ecstatic.

If you feel inclined to support the Susan G Komen foundation and/or me running, here it my race page

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