Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bring on the Yarn

Grandma's Lace Afghan

I woke up this morning to go about my day. Everything was kind of normal until I was backing out of my carport. Just when I was swinging my car back into forward gear and was ready to head down my 200 ft driveway did I realize that I could not get out. It was covered with branches and cable, although it did not register at first what that mess was. My first thoughts went to Rip van Winkle and I feared I had slept through a growth spurt of my own trees. Who can blame a bleary-eyed, over-imaginative girl before her morning coffee run?

Evidently, the poor little tree branches were weighed down so much with ice that they started breaking off the trees. All is fine until those tree branches decide to crash down on cables. So I could not drive out at this point. I got out of the car and tried to assess the situation. To make matters more fun, it was raining big rain drops and my driveway was a melty but icy sheet of fun. Where are those ice skates when you need 'em?

In the meantime, a couple of cop cars pulled up and were looking at the cable situation, since I have a rather busy two-laned road in front of my house and the cable was precariously hanging into it. But cars whisked by in both direction without much concern. While all that was going on I decide that the cables hanging into my driveway were phone line and Comcast cables; so, off I went to start clearing my driveway one fallen tree branch at a time. Bear in mind, it is slippery, raining and some of those tree branches were heavy. If you are starting to see a comedy unfold in your imaginations, you're right ;)

Luckily the nice local law enforcement officer came over to help the damsel in distress and we cleared my driveway in no time. I should count my lucky stars or thank my guardian angel, because at one point I was tugging at one of those stubborn branches when another one came crashing down about one foot away from me. At that point, I declared myself wide awake.

Twenty-five minutes later, a soggy, frozen-to-the-bone, but relieved Ren-Yi made it into work. I even made it in time for the business call I was scheduled to be in.

Grandma's Lace Afghan

All this ice and snow reminded me to post my current project. While I try to get my paper crafting supplies out and back into order, I am crocheting an afghan. Winter time is always the best, because all that cold makes plenty of incentive to get that afghan knocked out. It's nice to have all that warm, soft yarn be bundled over one's lap. Unfortunately I am only one of six strips in, but making steady progress.

That's all I have for now. I hope you had a less eventful day ;)


Janna said...

I love your pink project *still didnt start that turtle... remember?!* glad you are ok and everything is fine again. BUG HUGS janna

Mariah said...

Sorry about the weather, but your afghan is beautiful! I love it!

Richard Chen said...

Glad you're ok! Too bad the lines weren't power so you could've stayed in to finish the afghan :).

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