Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Music Saves My Soul] Glee - Get It Right

Last week I was telling you about the bake sale that was coming at work. A quick update - we raised around 1500$ and each dollar will be match by my awesome company. I was really amazed and touched by how many people participated, either by baking or by buying. In fact, we had so much left over that we put out the left-overs out on Friday and had a little donation bowl. That easily contributed 100$ to the total. People are often amazing & willing to help in capacities that they can. Isn't this a great story?

I've been catching up on Glee last week and I finally watched the last episode aired to date. The song that Rachel sings is one of my current favs. Her lyrics remind me of what it means to learn...So if you want to play along to this week's Music Saves My Soul, go post a song here.


Cheryl said...

Wonderful pick! This is such a pretty song! I am a Glee addict.

Marcea said...

ah, I think we are all Gleeks!!!! Great great song xxx

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