Saturday, March 3, 2012

[Music Saves My Soul] Yellow Ostrich - Bread

I fell in love with this song and have to share this one this week. If anyone watched "Parenthood" it played in the opening scene. Any other "Parenthood" followers out there? I really like this show and have watched it since its pilot. It manages to address family issues that any social tier could relate to: financial issues and the demands of college education, Aspergers Syndrome, adoption, pregnancy in their early 40s, dating across social norms (be it age, race or current social context), parenting... the list goes on, but it's quite a charming show and the characters are all quite lovable.

I'm clearly divulging my TV life here, but I tend to have a lot of shows running in the background when I craft. I guess that's why I have been paying a lot more attention to the music. ;)

So for Music Saves My Soul I leave you with this song that I really like. The lyrics are really sweet too...

To go away for quite a while
If that is what make you smile
That's something I will gladly do
Because I am in love with you

To go without a piece of bread
Because of something that I said
That is what's going to take,
Then that is what's going to take"

Today I'm making one of my Project 30 Recipes...Check back for a full report! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Marcea said...

Ok, I blumming love this - had me captured from the intro - beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us all xxxxxxxxxxxx

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