Monday, October 8, 2012

[The #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge] On Heartbreak

Catching up on Day 8th's prompt: Heartbreak. Except I want to curl back into my shell for this one...

Heartbreak feels painful,
   A Pain that doesn't want to stop.
Heartbreak feels numb,
   A Numbness that leaves all nerves devoid.
Heartbreak feels forever,
   A Forever into eternity with no end in sight.
Heartbreak feels cold,
   A Cold that no fire place can warm.
Heartbreak feels lonely,
   So alone because no one can empathize.
Heartbreak feels suffocating,
   Suffocating in the dense, heavy vacuum with no air to breathe.
Heartbreak feels like time standing still,
   Time standing still - neither moving forward or backward.
Heartbreak tastes bitter,
   Bitter like rancid, stale nuts.
Heartbreak takes time,
   Day after day, hoping for normalcy,
   Or sometimes just for the day to be bearable.
Heartbreak takes patience,
   To get over the addiction of love.
Heartbreak takes energy,
   To heal, and be open to love again.

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