Monday, October 8, 2012

[The #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge] On Faith

Yep, a day behind here. Doing Day 7's prompt on Day 8 and trying very hard to catch up tonight! Day 7 is on Faith.

When someone asks me how to explain Faith, I think of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. They are embarking to find the Holy Grail, but there is this scene towards the end where Indy steps onto what seems just air. I was terribly young and all I could remember how scared I was that my hero was going to plummet to his death. Indy showed gumption, pieced all the facts together, and took a leap of faith. That's exactly what it is ... faith.

Because facts and science can only bring you so far, and faith, in my opinion, is that little bit of leaping that one has to do.

Faith comes in many different forms. We can have faith in a higher being. In both mono-theistic and poly-theistic religions, one entrusts higher beings to having control and we lay our trust in their hands. But to do so, one has to take that leap of faith in believing in those higher beings. I'm keeping religion here wide open because I don't really want to get into any debates about one or another...

Then there is faith in others. Having faith in our spouses, parents, siblings. I know this one is sometimes tough for me to do. I was taught to be resilient and independent - my parents always wanted me to be able to do everything on my own. So having faith in others requires trusting them first, and then taking that extra leap that when it really matters they will be there.

Lastly there is faith in oneself. Sometimes we read all the facts, or sit in a class room and learn all the teachings and instructions. And then it's time to go forth with that knowledge and do something great. Trust that we have the skills to navigate through a new experience or a new adventure. Have faith that we are adequate enough to overcome an obstacle, or fill a new role, or tackle a new situation. After all, if we don't place faith in ourselves that we can do something, who will?

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