Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updates, Announcements & Catching Up

Hello everyone - what a crazy whirlwind of days. As you can see, I have managed to start posting again, but I thought I better post up a summary of what's been going on. 

First things first - we weathered Hurricane Sandy and we have power. We count ourselves quite lucky and blessed since we didn't have any damages (although our place is surrounded by trees). Others were not as lucky. I have heard of garages, cars and other parts of their houses being damaged...and many are still without power. It was especially trying, since we knew a cold front was coming our way in the form of a snow storm! Some people were barely back with power, and gone it was again. 

The most amazing part of all this is watching the power line trucks pull 24/7 shifts. I have seen trucks from Florida (Thank you, FPL), Illinois (Thank you, Amaren), Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and many more.

Let me just say, many of these crew men themselves were restoring powers to other people's home when they themselves didn't have any at home. My neighbor who works for PSE&G was in charge of coordinating all the out of town crews. He'd leave at 6a and come back past 1030p. That is dedication...

I am still weeding through pictures, but when I am have them done, I will have to post a few up.

Ok in the meantime here a quick update and set of announcements on what I missed on blog land:

Vera is hosting a lovely card drive. This is Year 3 that Vera is hosting this, and I have been the lucky recipient of those beautiful cards, that I can bring to the Assisted Living Pavilion at Forrestal. It's a cause and tradition that I hope will continue on for many years to come with Vera's dedication and all of your help. I had to sit out on the wonderful blog hop, but please check it out to get inspired to make a few winter holiday and Christmas cards.

If you haven't heard, I am also guest designing this month with The Ribbon Reel. I hope you can join me and these fabulous girls!

And if you haven't heard...the final blog-o news that I missed out on, yours truly is a Design Team member for the Little Tangles team.

The Little Tangles team is the perfect challenge complement to the Neat & Tangled (big sister) team. We hope to bring you lots of inspiration and fun challenges. We had a blog hop (which I had to missed), but please check it out, because there is plenty of inspiration! I hope you will join us in our first (of many) challenges on Nov 15th!

Lastly, to my Smallhanded Question, Answer & Create challenge... I ran into a slight technical problem (le sigh). I used Blogger's poll widget, made the mistake of opening the widget and then canceling out of the menu. Before you know it, all the data (and people who participated in the poll survey) was wiped. So I am currently looking for another widget - a better one - where this won't happen! And then we'll have another go at it. I hope you will you come join me? :)


Jessi Fogan said...

So glad that you are recovering from the storm - and that you made it through as one of the lucky ones, despite some pretty serious inconveniences! Gratitude is a powerful thing to feel :)
And all those good-news tidbits? Congratulations, Ren-Yi! So very deserved :)
(Sorry but I'm no help at all in regards to the widget...if I hear of anything I will let you know!)

Elisa said...

Great to heat that you are safe and well!
Congratulation on the DT, well deserved, you have buckets of talent. I will try to make some cards for the card drive - I am making some for a local charity at the moment. Xxxx

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