Monday, August 5, 2013

[Little Tangles] Birthday Bash: The 4-1-1 on Danielle Walls

Hi everyone! Are you having a blast so far with our Birthday Bash event? I am over at Little Tangles today with a unique little post. It's the 4-1-1 on Danielle Walls, owner, brain-child, designer, and operations of Neat & Tangled Stamps.

I even got to meet her in person in July. Here is proof...

20120727 - Philadelphia
Still trying to figure out how to shoot a selfie with a DSLR and short arms ;)
What a pretty awesome day in the city. Great weather, great food, and most important great company! Must repeat...

Please hop on over to the Little Tangles blog to see the whole interview. And leave a comment, since there is a prize up for grabs.


    cm said...

    Hi Ren-Yi - your interview with Danielle was awesome! I'm a newcomer to card-making, and recently discovered Neat and Tangled stamps. LOVE them!! The Birthmonth celebration is absolutely fantastic!
    Thanks for all the day-brightening, smile-making posts/challenges! Brilliant!!

    Virginia L. said...

    Your photo with Danielle is darling! I enjoyed your interview about Danielle so much!

    ~amy~ said...

    awwwww....such a cute cute pic!!!

    Barb said...

    what a great photo! pretty ladies :)

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