Monday, January 31, 2011

[Case Study] I Love You

Waltzingmouse Stamps has been putting out a CASE competition to bring the Grand Calibur Party. The eye candy from the DT was amazing. If you haven't seen the creations, I would highly recommend hopping over to the party posts. This card is a CASE study on the layout "What I Love About You" from the oh-so-talented Belinda. I fell in love with the little Label One frames that she created and immediately knew what I wanted to create a card based on the same technique.

I Love You
Paper: (Paper Basics Card Stock - True Black, White) Papertrey Ink
Embellishments: (GellRoll - White) Sakura; (Essential Glitter Set - Garnet) Martha Stewart

Here another up-close look on the glitter heart that I created and the back panel that I off-setted using foam adhesives.

I Love You

I love how with a three classic color combo, the card came out simple and to the point.  Hope you like it and thank you to all the Waltzingmouse Ladies for a great Grand Calibur inspirations!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A New Home Is Worth Celebrating...

Many moons ago, two friends of mine bought their first home together. Yours truly was on a business trip, so I missed the official house warming event. So we finally got together early summer of last year. These two wonderful people got married recently. So when Kathy issued out the January Challenge on Scrap Our Stash, I knew honoring this couple was the way to go. Their lives have taken many "NEW" things in the last year or so: a New home, became Newly engaged, and now are Newlyweds :)

So here a card to look back on their first "new" chapter ...

Happy New Home
Stamps: (Wonderfully Whimsical) Papertrey Ink
Paper: (Basic Card Stock - Cream) Recollections
Ink: (Pigment Ink - Black) Colorbox
Embellishments: (Red Eyelets) Making Memories; (Soft-core Color Pencils) Prismacolor

This is one of those cards I did not get around to sharing with you. If my camera  did not lie, then this card was created exactly 265 days ago... ;)

I promise to be getting back to my crafting. After all, I just placed a crafty supply order and new toys need to be played with...! 

What new toy are you totally in love with?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

[Music Saves My Soul] Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Come What May

I'm chilling in my hotel (yes - on another business trip ;) and managed to avoid a snow storm that came down without mercy back home. That's two outta two. Wonder how many more times I will get lucky ;) But do pray that the weather is clear and beautiful tomorrow so that I can fly home!

I had this brilliant idea to go sort out my guest room (aka craft room) last weekend. I have been meaning to adjust and move around specific pieces of furniture to better my setup. So I woke up last Saturday determined to do so! Before anyone could blink, my crafty supplies were pushed into boxes which in turn have been stuffed into a closet. The good news is that the furniture is all where I want to have it! But most of you may know how these project turns out - behind schedule, bit off a lil too much. 

So, there you have it: my confessional for why there has been a lack of blog content...

At least I can share some music in the mean time. Since February is a month commonly associated with "love," I thought a song selection from one of my favorite romance movies was perfect! The "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack pretty much was on permanent loop in my dorm room for a few weeks through. Thankfully my then-roommate was just in love with the whole movie & music.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[Music Saves My Soul] AR Rahman - Jai Ho

How's the weather at your place? We have been having a snow, snow showers, ice rain a few days ago, followed by brilliant, warm sun shine. So everywhere I look there is this slush and mush and other dirty yuck - which was once beautiful, pure white snow. I'm ready for snow to disappear and for spring to really come! What about you?

So, since I needed some cheering up, I decided to share a piece of fun music that I fell in love with when I saw the movie "Slumdog Millionaire." Although, I'm not sure if I like the Pussycat Dolls version. I just could not find a great video of the original one in the movie. But I hope you enjoy it anyways!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Award

Belinda posted up an gorgeous card. Go check it out! I was over there reading her blog post and saw how she was given a fun blog award. Always wanted to learn eight fun things about your friend? If I didn't keep reading I may have also missed the shout out and passing of this awesome blog award if I didn't keep reading. I feel so honored and it was a fun surprise. Thanks, B!

Rules that accompany this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
2. Share 8 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to bloggers that you have recently discovered.

8 things about me:
1. I am not a morning person - total morning grouch actually! Even my cats know better than to come bug me in the morning! So, unless you bring me a nice, big tall mug of coffee, go away for a few hours and check back later.

2. I am a total nerd. I love analogies that relate to science or math. They make so much sense in my head. If I get stuck describing something you might hear me spout "It's like a monotonically increasing function."
3. My important gadgets have names. Phineas is my laptop; the Kitchen Aid standmixer was baptized Perry; Lilo is the name to my sewing machine; and I just received a monster-sized food processor. 
I'm taking suggestions... (In case you are wondering, my car also has a name: Bloo) 
4. Which brings me to new cars ... I love the new car smell! If guys were to wear it as a cologne, I may just swoon or pick you up with a nerdy pick-up line.
5. If I go visit a place, I create a food schedule to make sure to hit all the must-try places. I'm still sad that I did not make it Hot Doug's or Kuma's Corner on my last trip to Chicago. And yes, my poor friends have to hop to all these eating places with me.
6. I also love to cook. I read cookbooks and food blogs for inspirations. If I try to make a recipe, I read it once, and go to town with it. Which means, whatever I remember gets executed and the rest made up on the fly, but it still turns out great :) Baking, however, is different. I follow it to a tee.
7. This blog actually started out as a random food blog with a collaboration with my other small-handed friends. Yes, my hands are really small - they often fit within the palm of some of my guys friends' hands. But I can reach an octave on the piano and was able to play most classical pieces. Except for Rachmaninoff - it was never meant to be...*le sigh*

8. My last fun fact for you, is that I am bi-lingual. Not unusual for many - except that my second language isn't Cantonese or Mandarin, like people would expect when they meet me for the first time. I am native fluent speaker in German. I still get double takes at work when we have visitors from Germany, since I don't have an accent. And as a last bonus fact, I spend four years studying the German Language and they gave me a degree. So ask me anything about Goethe, Nietzsche, or Hesse - most likely I have read something...

I'd like to pass this award on to the following people:
Janna Werner (aka Papiersalat) - I met Janna through the Waltzingmouse Stamps forum and we've been pen pals ever since. One of those kindred spirit fellow stampers who one day I would love to meet in person.
Vera Yates - I met her at CHA Chicago 2010 and we've been ever since in touch. She also held the Caring Hearts Drive project and I had a blast working with her. You are such an inspiration to me!
Ann - I met also at CHA Chicago 2010 but never thought anything more of it. But, Ann, you are an amazing source of inspiration and you've always been so sweet, supportive and encouraging!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[Music Saves My Soul] Katy Perry - Fireworks

I haven't awaken from my winter hibernation - at least in blog land. My vacation was superb - enjoyed every moment I had with family and did not regret turning off my email checking, blogging, and internet perusing. Amazing how we had so much to catching up to do - one has to treasure and maximize quality time with the extended family, especially when one only gets to see them every year or twox. I was even truly blessed to have missed the snowstorm that came down heavily in the UK. Thanks to everyone that asked about my travels!

I'm full-swing back at work and needed all of last week to catch-up at work and my household, prepare for my current business trip, and meet up with dear friends. By the way, Thank You all for your wonderful birthday wishes! I feel so loved... :)

Anyways - I thought today would be a good time to update my blog and throw out a song perfect for the new year - "Fireworks" by Katy Perry. I had shazam-ed this song twice and took it as a sign that 1) I really liked this song and 2) my memory is starting to fail me (old age setting in ;)

I had never seen the music video before and think that the idea of fireworks springing from the people an interesting idea. Although I would have probably had them springing out of the hands - rather than their torsos. It made me think of robots malfunctioning. But enough of what I think...

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Sorry for the long absence but I will be slowly returning to my usual program of crafting, blogging, rambling...

In the meantime - I wish each of you a wonderful new year filled with health, happiness and loads of inspiration and motivation in the name of crafting and creating!
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