Saturday, April 25, 2009

A DIY wedding

So after many many months of planning and prepping, it's all over! I am officially a Mrs. Since much of the wedding was DIY, I figured I'd share some fun pics. If you've been following my blog, then you have already seen my wedding invites and save the dates so I won't bore you with those details again.

Before we being the DIY portion of this post I just wanted to say how I love love love how the flowers turned out. It had some pink and peachy orange roses mixed fushia stock. It also had some fun green accents - the green berries. The bridesmaids got a miniature version of my bouquet. (I'm sorry, I don't totally know the flower names - I'm horrible with those ;-) The colors worked so well with the bridesmaids dresses. The men's flowers were a little more eh - but its ok. No one looks at them anyways. ;-)

I made 2 different versions of the favors. You can see the close up of one in this photo and then the table shot has a picture of another one. I used Martha Stewarts favor boxes to create them. Using stamps from Beautiful Blooms, With Sympathy, Around and About Sentiments. I stuffed them with some Dove chocolates that I got during a post-Valentine's Day sale... heehee - don't you just love March weddings? :-)

The centerpieces were actually a last minute change. Originally I wanted to do something much more intricate. I ended up getting some dinner plates on clearance and some fun beads to rest the candles on. While not as "crafty" as I initially intended, it did give each table a sense of simple elegance. Candles are a little messy though - definitely lots of wax on the plates and bead things. But once again, the thrify bride knows that candles are cheap.

I showed the original template for the placecards I used but I didn't show any names or font choices. Some free digital files plus some photoshopping helped create a personalized place card that matched the flowers and the programs.

If I were to do the wedding all over again, I would never never never again do my programs the way I did them. I spent the last two days before the wedding basically in a certain commonly known print shop yelling at their incompetence.

Apparently even though some places claim to print on cardstock, they really don't. Or at least not the one in my hometown. I don't think I've been so mad before. If we were to call one moment a bridezilla moment, it would have been when I was inside this said printshop. They overcharged me 3 times the original price initially and while the test print was "perfect" (i.e. all my edges lined up properly), the final product was not.

So there we go! 1 year of my life and all I have to show for it is a few pictures. ;-)


Passionate Eater said...

Even with the program problems, your DIY wedding looks beautiful! Great job!

rlo said...

Heh -- Thanks Passionate Eater.
I'll have to post my Easter project--now that she has posted about her wedding I don't so bad about "stealing her thunder."

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