Monday, October 31, 2011

[Mami Doodles] Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner...

Hello everyone & happy belated Halloween! We had a snow storm along the East Coast. I witness a bunch of wrecks with totaled cars on my very slow, slow drive home on Saturday; and am just overly grateful that my friend Kat and I arrived home so safely. Along my road I saw two separate cars end up in ditches and had to be hauled out by tow trucks and snow plows. 

The weather channel didn't predict this much snow (or chaos) for our area, but I think the fact that we're having a snow storm in October and being "caught by surprise," didn't allow for enough preparation. Let's pray for the many families that still don't have power... I hear they might have to wait was long as Thursday!

Anyways, I am finally back online! We still have an internet outage at home and Comcast is trying to figure things out, but in the meantime I am currently on another business trip and the hotel has a fabulous connection. So here I am to give you a quick wave and check in to let you know who won the Mami Doodles prize from my previous post. My draw is #2 Carol.

Carol said...
Great card, love the button treatment. Traditionally at Christmas we have home made stuffing and bread sauce (use packets rest of year!). Carol x

@Carol - shoot me an email (<-- see left bar below my profile pic for my email addy) and I will fwd you instructions on how to claim your prize :)

Thank you all for participating in our fun blog hop. You still have until this Thursday, Nov 3 to enter a card in our Black & Orange challenge for a chance to win a pack of 4 fun Christmas/Winter digi.

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