Sunday, October 16, 2011

[Music Saves My Soul] Robyn - Hang With Me

Yay, Marcea put up the link to her Music Saves the Soul list. So glad she's back in full swing, cause I really missed her!

I had a fantastic Saturday, but don't have enough time to justly report on why it was so a.m.a.z.i.n.g. More later when I settled into my "work-hotel-more work-catch up on blog" routine. In the meantime...

This inspiration is something I stumbled across while watching (dare I admit?) Gossip Girl. I watch all kinds of shows while crafting, ironing or laundry, and I guess that's why I tend to pay more attention to the music, rather than the crazy plots. When I heard this, my ears perked up. I do like the acoustic version better, but who knows, maybe I will share the other one later. Maybe it just needs to grow on me :)

Well - I need to get my packing list going, and work off my (chores & crafting) to-do list. I'm back on a plane on Monday night...this time it's Germany.


Denise and Louise said...

Hi Ren-Yi
Wow - you are a busy lady!!
I joined Marcea's Music Saves My Soul for the first time this week. Love your song choice - TFS
Denise xx

Cheryl said...

Great song! I love the acoustic version. TFS!

Marcea said...

I do like her voice - she is quite quirky but I do like her. Great choice hun xxx
ps ... great to be back x

Roberts said...

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