Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Music Saves My Soul] Sara Jackson-Holman - Cellophane

It's one of those weekends where I am trying to catch up on all things crafty, but I am still battling those horrible pains since the surgery. I'm on my fifth antibiotic course within three weeks. This time it's a 15-day regiment and I hope it will clear everything up. The only downside is that I constantly feel sleepy and dizzy. It's almost like someone has turned down the speed dial in my head and everything is going so slow-ly (like those slow motions in the movie).

Anyways, enough about this...I did get laundry folded up, caught up on bills, and cleaned the kitchen. It was all a promising start to catching up. I even managed to craft for some of my challenge but discovered to my dismay that I was off by a week. Ooops, wrong card. I guess I will have to spend more time at my crafting table tonight...

In the mean time I leave you with another Music Saves My Soul contribution. I heard this song in one of the music videos I was scouring through this weekend. Isn't it a fun little song? And the music video is kind of charming...

Off to dinner and then catching up on my crafts (second attempt that is) ...


Naomi said...

Awwww...I'm sorry to hear that you're still in pain...I hope you get a handle on that soon!

Haha...sorry, but, I can't help but, chuckle a little bit at how you made a card for the wrong challenge...I know that I've done things like that before!

Love the song and you're right, the video is very charming as well!

Hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend!


Marcea said...

I hope you are feeling better hunny, poor you. Great song choice xxxxxx

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