Sunday, January 15, 2012

[Music Saves My Soul] Big Star - Thank You Friends

This song is dedicated to my wonderful friends who made yesterday the best Birthday Bash ever! My Project 30 has officially kicked of locally. I had the most lovely day with friends, sharing good eats, good recipes, good talks, good fun...good everything all around.

I was trying to think of a way to say "Thank You" to my wonderful friends, and was looking for a song online. I have never heard of this song, but the words pretty much say it all :)

Special thank you's go out to Jessica & Sueyi for being my extra hands yesterday. And a big thank you to Florian for helping me prep days in advance as well as being a great host.

I have about 23 recipes in my cool, new recipe box. Some of my friends banded together to get this perfect gift to help make Project 30 even more perfect. Thank you, Swen, Ailin, Oswin and especially Richard for being organizer and crazy fast initiator.

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So time to roll up my sleeves and get goin'...To my global friends, who have said yes to helping out with Project 30, I just received my 4"x6" envelopes a couple of days ago, so I'll send them of soon! I look forward to receiving those...

1 comment:

Ines said...

Hi Ren-Yi!

Cool song and video. Like your project. The box is adorable, is that the right writing?

Have a fab day. ines

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