Sunday, January 29, 2012

[Music Saves My Soul] Youth Lagoon - Afternoon

Hello there - it's the weekend and all we've done done here in Maryland is eat, shop, eat & play ;) But the good news is, we won in Pandemic and the world is safe another day.

I was on a major hunt to replace my old winter coat, whose lining was ripped, shredded and literally falling apart. I tried every tailor in the area, and they kept telling me to go buy another coat, cause the lining would be $200+. I was so heart-broken when they told me this, cause my coat fits so great, and the idea of having to shop and try so many different ones on to find a perfectly nice one terrified me. 

But thanks to a great shopping buddy and great sales at Macy's, I found two great coats for 180$. A super steal for a Nautica and an Anne Klein. If ever I find pics of what I  bought I will have to post it up...!

Off I go to hang out with my brother and great friends...maybe we actually get to work off some calories.


Marlena M. said...

I hear ya! I have a coat that may look faded (9 years old)...but it is my "go to" snow coat. LOVE THAT COAT. I'm so glad you found not one, but two! ;)

Marcea said...

Hi sweetie, glad you managed to find some coats you like - always hard to let go of the comfy and familiar. Beautiful song today - very pretty xxx

Cheryl said...

Great song! So moody and atmospheric. Love it!

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