Tuesday, January 3, 2012

[Project 30] On Turning 30

Dear Family & Friends, it is true, I am turning another year older (or younger at heart) and it's a big milestone. It's a great time to reflect how blessed I have been to be surrounded by so many great people, who have been patient, kind, and sharing throughout so many years.

To remember this milestone I want to put together a special project for myself that I can share with my family & friends, who live near & afar. It's also the one time where family & friends from different spheres all come together, from high school to college, from work to crafting, from near to afar.

I am combining my two big loves in the kitchen and in the craft room to pull together a special recipe box.

Project 30: Recipe Box
Project 30 will be a collection of favorite recipes of my family & friends. My goal is to cook through these recipes before January 3, 2013, and capture these dishes in a little scrapbooking album and blog those pages on my little blog. @Elke, you'll teach me how to bind an album, right? :D

I would like to dearly invite you to send me your favorite dish's recipe. It can be anything: a cold dish, a salad, a dessert, a main dish, a dish that comforts you or invokes childhood memories. It can be a simple or complex dish. It is a way for you to share with me why it is special to you and why it has become special to me.

How does it work:
I'll send you a recipe card (similar to the one below) with a self-addressed envelope. All you have to do is pop it back into the mail with your favorite recipe. For domestic mailing, I will also post-mark the envelop. For international, I have not figured out a good way how to do this for you. Please respond by Jan 10, 2012, if you would like me to send you a recipe card. You can leave me a message in the comments field, or send me an email at renyi.lo [at] gmail.com with your physical mailing address. Thanks a bunch!

[Picture Credit: Anthroplogie.com]

I hope you will help me along with my project and I look forward to reading and trying out your favorite dishes. Cheers!


jn said...

Hi Ren-Yi,

i'd love to send you my favourite recipe if it's not too complicated to send it from germany..

Vera W. Yates (Ling) said...

I am in!! Now, if only I live close by, so I could be your taster. :D

Deirdre said...

Happy Birthday Ren-Yi - CONGRATULATIONS.

Would love to be part of your recipe box - will dig out one of my faves and send it to you.

Hugs, Deirdre

Frances said...

Hi, Ren-Yi, count me in too!
hugs, Frances.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday!!!!! :) If it's cookies, can you send some to me? Haha!

Maral said...

Hi Ren-Yi,
This is an interesting project. As you may know, I am not the greatest cook, but I would love to participate :)
I wish you a great 30th birthday and a wonderful year!

talida said...

Happy Birthday Ren-Yi!! I will gladly participate :D

Richard Chen said...

Great idea! I'm in!

Nicki said...

Count me in. Now is the tough part to decide which recipe to give you...Happy 30th.

Trinh said...

Happy 30th birthday, Ren-Yi! What a great way to celebrate & I would love to join in the fun.

JOAN said...

Happy 30th B-day!! Of course I would love to send you a recipe!! And let me know if you need more than one ;)

Stephanie Gruss said...

Ooooo! I'm in! Does it have to be a whole dish, or just a super awesome recipe? :)

Lisa aka Myran said...

What a fab idea, count me in :)

Danae said...

Count me in! And as a recent 30-year-old I can confidently assure you that it is awesome!

Laurie Marmon said...

I want to participate too. :)

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