Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Best Business Trip - Ever

Business trips are generally short, stressful and rough. While I love meeting with my clients face-to-face (which some modern technologies cannot truly replace), it does throw a wrench into work-life balance. Some of my sudden whims can't be catered -- waking up to a brilliant asparagus idea, or crafting for sudden challenge deadlines. However, some things make it all the more worthwhile, such as finally meeting an online crafting buddy in real life!

Meeting a Crafting Buddy

Our mutual person that brought us together was actually her hubster. I had actually never seen this guy before in the office, and when I did meet him, the situation was as follows: he was describing punches & embossers to another dude in the office. So either Canada had a whole group of male stampers & scrapper (yeah right!), or I had just met the next Tim Holtz. To top it off, he had a Stamping Up! box -- maybe a surprise gift for a crafty wife or girlfriend? So the Nancy Drew that I am, I had to get to the bottom of this! Maybe this would lead to a "local" crafting buddy!

Our quick exchange resulted in him passing on his wife's super talented blog, which I have been diligently reading ever since then. She and Dana are quite the spit-fire Dynamic Duo! One comment on their blog, and a bunch of emails later, I had found myself an online crafting buddy. Unfortunately, our schedules never really aligned until recently, and after many weeks of patient waiting, we had agreed to meet. I was so excited, and to top it all off, I received this through her hubster:

RAK from Nicole
Inside this cute, bottom-reinforced carry bag, there was a beautiful card and a chocolate bar. The chocolate bar made for a great emergency emotional booster, since I had some intense meetings lined up that day, and the card was absolutely the sweetest.
RAK from Nicole
The card has a kraft-colored card stock base, and was watermarked with my favorites: flutterbies! The center piece is a cute vellum and pattern paper cut out of the same subject. What topped it off, was the cute gem brad, that held the flutterby on the card into place, and the flower onto the carry bag. The card was a quick note to express how much she was looking forward to our meeting. I, too, was equally excited about our meeting and was counting down the hours and minutes at work.

The funny thing was when we did meet for the first time, it felt like we had known each other for ages.

Isn't the crafting world just wonderful? It is such a great community to make new friends - close and afar!


nicole.boeckelken said...
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IamDerby said...

What an awesome story!

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