Saturday, September 1, 2012

[smallhanded QuAC] Question, Answer, Create #1 - What's your favorite Cuisine?

Good morning everyone! It's September - can you believe it? I'm in luck because in the US we are enjoying a three-day weekend. Mine will be filled with work, work, work, some crafting, some friends and hopefully some cooking!

I'm so ecstatic. My poll got answered! That means my project idea didn't completely flop. I was really anxious for the first couple of days, checking back and grumbling over my counter not moving...but a whopping 14 of you answered! How brilliant is that?! Thank you to those that did partake. I hope it was a little bit of fun...Ready for the next one? (Yes I'm tempting fate a second time - keep reading and you will realize I am tempting my luck even more by asking you to join me for QAC #1... ;)

Since it's the first of the next month, I have decided to put up a Question, Answer, Create #2. This time, I want to know what your favorite season is! Fall is almost here... time to bring out the coats and warm cardigans. So go ahead and punch in your answer! If your answer choice isn't up there, feel free to write in an answer in the comments section. Just make sure to add that this is for QAC #2 (if the answer isn't obvious).

Also - if you have ideas for some fabulous questions that you're dying to answer or see others answer, please leave them as comments. I might just pick one of them, and who knows, some of you guys might have some very creative ones.

So how did the first Question, Answer, Create #1 turn out?

(I apologize for the really bad screen capture, but now that I have already deleted the poll, I can't re-take it. Drats! "Check the image, Ren-Yi" - something new for me to remember. In case you are wondering, the first cuisine choice is American)

By one vote, you guys like Italian food the best. Followed by a close second of Chinese food. Thank you to those 14 who voted! :)

In case you're wondering what my answer would have been: I love all kinds of food, I don't think I could have chosen just one answer ;) Italian is a favorite solid in my kitchen, I love my mum's chinese cooking, but I am currently craving Korean. And I had a lot of sushi & sashimi last week. Heehee. My answer is clear as mud, right?

Well then, I better go think up something "Italian" inspired for you all...

I would like to invite you to join me on the creation portion. Come create something Italian inspired - it can be anything from a card, to a dish, to a restaurant experience, to a creative writing piece, or a travel narrative - the choice is up to you; you just have to create something and hopefully these will inspire folks. We have until September 31 to get cracking. 

I have included a link below, so that we can visit each other's creations. I hope you will consider joining me :) If this isn't a complete flop (with no one entering), I'm planning on highlighting some entries mid-month after the challenge closes. Maybe I will send a small prize to those who play along? I'll go mull this over...

Edited: I had a thought driving today. What about renaming the QAC to QuAC? Like Quack Quack ducky sounds, except spelled QuAC? Let me know if it could be catchy.

Ta for now!


onecraftymama said...

OOh, I love this idea! Now I've got to think of something to share :) I know I picked a couple of food answers as well...hard to resist. At least for seasons I have always had a clear fave - autumn here I come!!

Elisa said...

Italian inspired card? Smeared in spaghetti perhaps? :-)

Italian is one of my favourites, but you didn't mention Lebanese and definitely my husband's would be Indian.

And summer for me please!

Barb said...

hmmm...what a great idea Ren-Yi! i missed the first poll, but i'll definitely create something italian to link up :) so creative!!! as for favorite seasons, autumn is hands down my idea of heaven. i love it :)

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