Sunday, September 30, 2012

[smallhanded QuAC] Question, Answer & Create Update

Good morning everyone! The weekend is almost over on the US East Coast. Sighs... back to the grind tomorrow. I have lots lined up, so I have no time to kill!

I haven't had a chance to work through my Italian project yet, but my plan was making Pesto from scratch and enjoying it with some tomato & mozzarella salad. It has all the colors of Italy right there, and has the some of the best simple flavors that can work magic. Fresh, bright, and rich...

Too bad work has been super busy so I haven't had a chance to harvest my Basil.

So from now on, the schedule is such for our QuAC...

1st of every month - a new question goes up at 12:01 am
7th of every month - the answer part gets re-capped and the creation starts. You have one month to make a project with the results of the readers as your inspiration

A small giveaway to one random player is up for grabs for September's QuAC #1. Something Italian and something delicious...You have 8 more days to enter :) I hope you will consider joining me.

Talk soon!

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